Chris rock dating history

Anytime I was with an Asian or a Puerto Rican girl or a white girl, my hands would constantly be in their hair.Like my hands were thirsty."Watch Chris run his hands through Oprah's hair!"She was just kind of raving about her friend's hair a little too much for my comfort [saying]: ' You've got great hair. "If I would have really reacted, then she would have a complex about her hair." Still, Chris couldn't let it go. In Good Hair, Chris travels from beauty shops in Brooklyn to sacred Indian temples to get to the root of why African-American women place so much importance on their hair.Oh, your hair's so good.'" Not wanting to make her comments a big deal, Chris says he tried to play his them off. What Chris discovered is a billion industry that affects the daily activities, wallets, self-esteem—and even the sex lives—of black women.Because women spend so much time and money on their hair, Chris says men are forced to adopt a hands-off policy. You are conditioned not to even go there," he says."When I was a dating guy, I dated women from different races.

This list features Chris Martin’s ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what they do professionally.

While women of other races use perms to add curl, black women use them to straighten their hair.

"You name a black woman, any black woman," Chris says.

Women who wear weaves stop by the salon for regular washes, conditioning and tightening, but the real expense lies with the hair itself.

Chris says he was shocked to learn that regular women spend thousands of dollars on weaves—and even put them on layaway.

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