Funky fish dating

I will be signing up for a Mk meet and a pompy meet as soon as i can.Libra ill look at the meet fixtures and ill be signed up to one soon! Thanks to everyone who too so much time out to take pictures. As has been posted previously there seems to be little restriction as to how many are posted., it has worked for me and Saucy Nancy for the last 15 years - we like our men not too intellectually challenged and straight to the point I swim and go to swetty aerobics class every week, so why does your backside look better?To whoever had a good time, see you at the next Funky Fish meet in November/December Fab weekend down in Brighton, such gorgeous weather and great company too!Maybe double-booked as was going to do karaoke on the same night - what do you think they will say if I turn up at the Blue Lagoon in a Rocky Horror outfit? For all you fishies out there Gill is my mum and her lovely fella is Andrew! They met on POF as did my partner (aka Mattslookin) and I!!! xx Woohoo ~ here come the MK girls ~ so great to see you signed up shazzie Am really looking forward to meeting people I have spoken to and never met!

I know it will be a great night, really looking forward to it and its brill to see you back hosting again Oh bu**er, you do know it's "National Punch Day" on that date - and also my birthday!!! Someone else can make them instead (pleeeeeease - been ages since I had a birthday cake that I didn't make). Really looking forward to this meet, and meeting Geordie Colin and seeing Saucy Nancy again and all you southern pof fishies!the couple i did with others went really well at this venue except for the burst toilets at the second one but hey we made best of a bad situation,not sure if i can make it but if i can i will so come on sign up for this one its a great place and the peeps are nice to It's a long way off, but I think I'll be in the Brighton area that weekend.I've been to the Funky Fish before, and its location and layout make it a good place for a night out. Spent the last one I wqent to back inb January either sat in a comfy chair in reception or bent double and hobbling round like quasi-modo.... John Here come the MK girls - OMG is Brighton ready for us?!The Funkyfish club is part of the New Madeira hotel and they have said that although usually it's minimum 2 night booking at weekend if we call up and mention Plentyoffish we can book for just Saturday night.The number to call if accommodation is required is 01273 698331Hiya Edensangel! Remember you dont have to dress up but would be great if you did, maybe a strong drink before hand if dressing up So come join in on the fun!

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