Oasis dating website reviews gift ideas for first year dating anniversary

There is no way to find out if my profile is good one. Women are Rude only good site if you are a women as they get to pick and Choose who they like and can discard you at the drop of a hat most of them are just insecure don't know what they want in life they will wait 30 years if they have to woman have to much patience it's just typical of them. The only way to meet woman is to get out in the real world and try there as sitting on your butt behind a computer screen or your phone is just lazy and you spend your life on your phone anyway poor site give up ( : I am a mature member of this site. I like being able to choose who I will reply to, and discard who I don't wish to reply to. I find that no matter how much I spell out what I do and don't want, my words are disregarded and contacts are often misleading and inappropriate.I do think even putting up a good profile with photos the women still act like god to block, put under review or hide their profiles from me. Some of the behaviour from socalled mature users beggars belief! Read Full Review I have only been on this site for about 3 weeks now and unfortunately the guys I have made contact with want either nude pictures of me or showing me nude pics of them. Read Full Review I have been with oasis active for year and still not found a legit women wanting to date ever. THEY BLOCKED ME FROM THIS PAGE ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT, BLOCKED ME FROM CUSTOMER SERVICES ON THE ONLINE COMMUNITY PAGE AND KEPT REVIEWING MY PROFILE ON THE SITE AND GAVE ME NO REASON.

Literally glad to be safe, alive, breathing after dangerous stalker experience, oasis did not give a crap, refused to provide me with message stream history or act in any positive or productive manner, if you use this site, be extremely careful ...genuine people do not remain on this site long...never ever again. Rejection after rejection thought I had a good profile and pics but once again not good enough for the likes of these women.Sending a message costs 100 tokens, but since you only begin your dating journey with 150 you’re very limited as to the amount of contact you are able to make.If you encourage friends to sign up you may earn 400 tokens, sharing the site on Facebook earns you 200, and there are several other social ways to otherwise the payment packages on offer are your way forward in actually contacting members. It doesn’t do much wrong but it doesn’t do anything amazingly well either.Its “free” status is true, but if you want to contact members without spending any money then you’ll be hard pushed.If there are a few choice members who you’d like to contact then this site could work for you, assuming you don’t mind sending a few emails out to friends or posting the site’s URL on social media sites.

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