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Then suddenly, when cached mode was on, the GAL was populated!

However, when I closed the address book and opened it again just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, the GAL was blank...again! Some of our users were not able to get to the GAL properly.

Figure 1 – Outlook Social Connector (OSC) If you click on the OSC you can their picture and a summarized view of recent conversations you have had with that person.

It looks like Microsoft was inspired by the popular Xobni plug-in =) The OSC will show photos from local contacts, the Global Address List, or 3rd party connectors.

You may encounter an issue stating that the System Attendant Service is not running or you do not have permission. Make sure you are running the Exchange Management Shell as Administrator and 2. *note* The Service is named “Microsoft Exchange System Attendant”.

The Outlook Client failed to download an updated copy of the Offline Address Book because the services have stopped functioning.

Chances are, your organization is probably not implementing this feature. If I had to guess, it is because your server administrator is not a photographer.

This appears at the bottom of an email message (see figure 1 below).

For example, the size of each thumbnail in Active Directory is limited to 10k.

So in a company with 200 users, the OAB size could increase by as much as 2 megabytes (10k x 200).

I tried the following, but failed to fix the problem: - Uninstall/Reinstall Microsoft Office 2010 - Repair Microsoft Office 2010 - Apply all updates to Microsoft Office 2010 - Recreate local Windows profile - Recreate Outlook profile My only solution so far is reformatting/rebuilding the PC.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might me? Samson **Update** I got fustrated and tried switching the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" on and off, checking the GAL each time.

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