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This atomization of online dating culture has quickened the pace of matchmaking without necessarily improving its effectiveness or, as Kremen promised, increasing the world’s overall capacity for love and lust.But dating apps have gamified romance for millions of phone-obsessed, perpetual scrollers who’ve programmed themselves to swipe right and left on their fellow users’ faces with ruthless efficiency.Whatever small community you're trying to target, there will be more of the members of those communities on these bigger sites." Worldwide, there are more than 190,000 verified Twitter users.That’s Blue’s maximum potential subscriber base, and even that is a fraction of the current membership figures for Tinder, Ok Cupid, and, which all boast global active user bases with more than 30 million people.The single biggest community represented among verified Twitter users isn’t celebrities, but rather journalists—who often date among themselves, but who generally responded to news of Blue with a mix of mockery and dread.Writing for the New York magazine blog Select All, the journalist Madison Malone Kircher notes: "If you’ve got a verified Twitter and are considering using this silly feature, you’re going to find your peers and co-workers and people you’ve possibly already dated." Given the app’s filter and premise, Blue’s potential subscriber base is relatively small, and it’s easy to imagine the app’s total pool of users in any given city feeling downright claustrophobic.

Twitter verifications ostensibly lend some measure of assurance to users of Blue, which advertises itself as "the safest dating community ever." They aren’t totally exclusive, though."The most important thing that Tinder or Ok Cupid can offer is a wide dating pool.For sure, there’s gonna be more verified Twitter users on Tinder than there will be on an app that’s limited to just verified Twitter users.(The digital media conglomerate IAC, based in New York, owns Ok Cupid, Tinder, and ) Of course, before any of these websites existed, there were newspaper personal ads: all text, no photos. As the dating app economy has diversified, the angst of decision-making has intensified.It's difficult enough to find the perfect match in any case, and online dating now means you have to choose the perfect app first.

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