Updating firmware to know

After each firmware update i highly recommend resetting the IMU and recalibrating the gimbal.Of course the first flight should then be started with a compass calibration.Nowadays information technologies develops quickly, so you should update your firmware to keep up with advanced users. You can’t delete it or download firmware from other companies.

Mostly, you can find it on router’s web-interface main page in “Firmware Version” bar. IF you follow all steps, you should be on main page of router’s web-interface.After updating, you router should be rebooted automatically. If it’s not rebooted, better to check router web-page. If you have issues with the upgrade read the common solutions at the end of this post.Here’s what’s needed to perform a firmware upgrade: I happened to have the 1.1.0006 firmware on my remote control when i tried to update to 1.4.0010.

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