Updating nameserver

Using custom name servers If you use custom name servers, these servers will be managed by your DNS provider (not Google Domains).If you want to create resource records, do so with your DNS provider.You can also click the Restore defaults button in the warning message to restore the Google Domains name servers.Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protect your domain from attacks such as DNS cache poison attacks and DNS spoofing.(Note to self: The file seems to contain root hints.I replaced this file with the root hints from IANA but that did not update the server.

If you want to update this list you can do so by each entry, or click the ‘Copy from Server’ button to update the list with a new bunch of entries.

The Google Domains resource records will not work with custom name servers.

Somehow I came upon the root hints of my Windows DNS Server today and had a thought to update it. You can find the root hints by right clicking on the server and going to the ‘Root Hints’ tab.

Using DNSSEC with custom name servers If you have used a third-party DNS provider to configure DNSSEC for your domain, you will also need to activate DNSSEC on Google Domains.

After you set up DNSSEC with your DNS provider, your configuration will include one or more DNSKEY records for each domain or subdomain you wish to secure.

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