Updating our labels

You can find all the files for this example in our docs repo here.Many applications require multiple resources to be created, such as a Deployment and a Service.

The mailing list can be an Excel spreadsheet, a directory of Outlook contacts, an Access database, or an Office address list.

If the tiers of your application bind to each other using DNS, then you can then simply deploy all of the components of your stack en masse.

A URL can also be specified as a configuration source, which is handy for deploying directly from configuration files checked into github: will stop at the first level of the directory, not processing any subdirectories.

For instance, you can use a You can tweak the number of replicas of the stable and canary releases to determine the ratio of each release that will receive live production traffic (in this case, 3:1).

Once you’re confident, you can update the stable track to the new application release and remove the canary one.

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