Updating unlocked iphone to 2 1

Just like other i OS releases in the past, i OS 11 still has some bugs to iron out.

And Apple started fixing things with this minor update.

Don’t expect everything you think it’s wrong with i OS 11 to be resolved right away.

discovered that Apple did fix one major issue present in the final i OS 11 version that was released last week.

Others discovered that Camera and Photos app fixes are also in place, as well as improvements for i Message App Explorer and Springboard: i OS 11.0.1 mostly focus on Camera and Photos app.

There's also some improvements for i Message App Explorer and Springboard too.

pic.twitter.com/p Jkzmn Kn LY — Filipe Espósito  (@filipekids) September 26, 2017 That said, there are no noticeable new features in i OS 11.0.1, which isn’t surprising at all.

If you’re one of the people who may have seen error messages reading while trying to send emails from your i Phone and i Pad, you should update to i OS 11.0.1 as fast as possible.It’s not within Apple’s interests to restrict which network your phone can access, but when such technology is so closely tied to the phone’s firmware, unlocking your phone becomes quite difficult.What that means for you and me is that the carrier must authorise the unlock, which prompts Apple to then add the IMEI number to the official unlocked i Phone database.They also charge a considerable fee for unlocking, in some cases nearly 50% of the phone’s value – which is nothing near what your carrier will ask for.Once you have either been granted an unlock from your carrier, or taken your chances and brute forced it through an unlock vendor, you should attempt to replace the SIM card with one from another network and see what happens.

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