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“From time to time older guys would approach me to offer money in exchange for sex.At first I just ignored those messages, but then I hit a period when I didn‘t feel so good and needed something to distract myself.Wireless internet, mobile phones, pads and pods have stitched together an invisible network of instant, easy access to sex, chat and dates.Pandora’s box now has a touchscreen and runs GPS-enabled apps that can locate sexually available guys within metres.

These days, it’s practically impossible to escape the virtual world.When he moved back to LA to go to school, he and his then boyfriend kept things going over webcam. It was all digital – we didn’t visit for super-long periods of time.All our contact was online, which I didn’t really like.“I saw all these people I’d hired doing shows and I figured I knew how to do a better job.I know how to do lighting, I know good positioning and stuff, I have a good personality for this kind of thing, so I decided to just do it myself.

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